About Us

About Coach Carmen

Hi, I am Carmen Adriaanse, I am a wife and mother of three. I have a passion for volleyball and loving people. I played high school volleyball on varsity for 4 years at Edmond Memorial High School, I played several years of club volleyball, and I played for CMSU (a Division II school) on scholarship. I continued to play after college and coached middle school and high school girls teams for 3 years in California. This is my 5th year as coach and director of Heart2Serve Volleyball Club. In our first season our 14s team earned third place in the silver bracket of the Oklahoma Regional Championships.

Throughout my volleyball career I have learned valuable lessons that have shaped who I am and how I coach. I have a passion for teaching proper skills and techniques as well as mentoring young people through life's ups and downs. I am CAP I, IMPACT, and SafeSport certified.

About Heart2Serve

Heart2Serve is an Oklahoma City-based volleyball club that serves the 8–18 year age range. We focus on the long-term well-being of our players, and strive to offer them the best preparation for a successful volleyball career. Our goal is to develop players to compete at the next level in high school or college.

Our approach can be best described as follows:

  • Fundamentals. We're going to invest significant time making sure all players have a solid grasp of good technique.

  • Versatility. We train all our players to know all positions, rather than specializing. Suitable positions change as athletes grow at different paces, and a player that’s a great fit for one position in middle school may not be a good fit for the same position by the time she gets to high school or college. Not knowing other positions puts her at a disadvantage. While we may still focus players in positions in which they excel, we will ensure our players are adaptable by training them to function well in all positions.

Heart2Serve is a registered Epic Charter Schools vendor.

Core Values

We will work hard to develop the best teams in the metro area. We measure the success of our players and coaches not by whether we win games but whether we demonstrate the following core values:

  • Warrior Spirit, Servant Heart. Our players and coaches are expected to work hard to be their best. We not only work to better ourselves but to better and inspire our team. We are not here to put the spotlight on ourselves, but to serve, love, and build up one another. The team is only as good as its weakest player. Working together and helping each other improve is paramount!

  • Integrity. We do what is right at all times even if it doesn't work in our favor. We are honest and transparent, including about our shortcomings.

  • Respect. We treat others and ourselves with respect. We listen to each other's inputs and perspectives and show love, even when we disagree. When in conflict we do not put each other down, but constructively resolve our differences. We lift each other up and focus on providing positive reinforcement for good behavior and hard work ethic.

  • Trust. We do what we can to be trustworthy, and we strive to trust others. We build trust by being dependable and demonstrating integrity. Teammates must trust each other in order to play effectively as a team.

  • Fun. Our #1 reason for playing volleyball should be that we love the sport and are passionate about it. We play with our heart. When we make mistakes we learn from them and move on.

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